Black Girl Magic Is Real and Helps You Heal: Spend a Day With a Sister Friend and See How You Feel

Sisterhood, sanity, and good vibes #BlackJoy



Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Black girl magic is real and it has healing powers. Yesterday, I spent the day with my best friend — who I call my sister. I hadn’t seen her or much of anyone else for the last couple of months due to a dangerous bout of #LongCovid induced insomnia. I talk to her on a regular basis — but the few times I ventured out it was for food, medicine, and doctor’s appointments or she wasn’t available.

I had no clue how much I missed her and our crew until yesterday. The lively conversation and laughter shifted my mood and gave me an energy boost I simply can’t describe other than — refreshing and spiritually uplifting.

One of my favorite writers and mental health advocates, Alexander Hardy calls our low moments spiritual ashiness and I had no clue I was this depleted and parched. I drank in and savored every laugh, sweet, tender, and profound word.

We talked about love and life and everything from hair to mental health, politics, and relationships. We even talked about our brown skin’s actual ashiness. Socks and cardigans hide a lot of dry skin sins and I need a pedicure BAD (dino toes ain’t cute lol).

That quick visit turned into a much-needed all-day affair and an impromptu drop-in and drive-by to an elder.

For the first time in months — I slept well.

For those few, fleeting hours I forgot about my to-do lists with some height-required honey-do tasks and no honey to do them…lol. So what — some errands got pushed to another day. I needed this moment more — anyway.

For a whole day, I forgot I’m a consultant with #LongCovid worried about my next project or a concerned family member and reluctant caregiver. My quiet, single life was filled with good people and great energy. I was showered with the power of Black girl magic — not because we were so young or strong… it was those vulnerable moments that felt life-affirming and gave me strength and strategies to face another day.

I left relaxed, refreshed, and renewed.




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