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Boozy Fruit Sangria with Candied Ginger Simple Syrup

A quick and simple — seasonal Sangria

2 min readJan 1, 2023


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Happy New Year!

Below is my Boozy Fruit Sangria recipe. I’m not a chef or recipe tester so this “recipe” is more of a suggestion. You can use any seasonal fruit, wine, or soaking spirit you prefer. I’ve made this several times and everyone loved it.

Boozy Fruit Recipe

1 Honey Crispy apple (medium-large, washed and unpeeled)

1 Firm pear (I use green for the contrast and seasonal color)

Candied Ginger Simple Syrup

Lemon Zest and juice from ¼ of a lemon

1 Cup of your favorite clear or light-colored liquor — I use Puerto Rican Rum

A bottle of your favorite wine


  1. Dice the pears and apples into small pieces (your desired size), keep them in separate bowls, and quickly sprinkle and toss them with lemon juice. Here is a dicing tutorial

2. In a medium, sterilized jar, alternate layers of apples and pears

3. Drizzle with 2–3 teaspoons of the Candied Ginger Simple Syrup

4. Pour over your favorite liquor to cover the fruit, put on a lid, and refrigerate for a minimum of 30 minutes. It should be consumed or discarded after 48 hours

Sangria Recipe

In a larger carafe or pitcher add a minimum of ½ cup of Boozy Fruit to the bottom and pour a whole bottle of your favorite wine. I’ve used everything from Moscato to Rieslings. Refrigerate for a minimum of 30 minutes.

You can add ice, but you might want to make some Sangria ice cubes ahead of time so you don’t dilute your sangria. Just add a few pieces of boozy fruit to each compartment in your ice tray, and fill it with wine. Let it freeze and add a cube…




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