Cherelle Parker Makes History as Philly’s First Woman To Win Democratic Primary

A historic win for women in the City and the country

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Cherelle Parker,

Cherelle Parker won the 2023 Democratic Primary Mayoral Race and she’s expected to be Philadelphia’s 100th Mayor on November 7th. According to NBC10 and other local news outlets, Cherelle Parker was declared the winner of yesterday’s race earning 33% of the vote. (Fox29)

Who is Cherelle Parker?

Ms. Parker’s campaign website chronicles her humble beginnings. She was raised by her mother and grandparents and “went to Philadelphia public schools her whole life, then was the first person in her family to go to college, earning her bachelor’s degree from Lincoln University where she pledged Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and earned her master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.”

In high school, Cherelle began interning in Philadelphia’s City Council for Councilwoman Marian B. Tasco. After receiving her undergraduate degree, she taught public school as a high school English teacher and ESL teacher working with immigrant children and adults.

She returned to public service in Councilwoman Tasco’s office and rose to serve as a senior staffer.

“Cherelle served for 10 years (2005–2015) as a State Representative representing Northwest Philadelphia. On winning her election, she made history as the youngest African-American woman elected to the State Legislature.

Ms. Parker was elected to City Council in 2016 representing Northwest Philadelphia and the lower Northeast.” (

Now she’s won the 2023 Democratic Mayoral race against 5 other candidates.

According to interviews, Ms. Parker gained massive community support and votes because of her grassroots efforts and consistency during debates. She has not shied away or wavered on her pledge to “stop the sense of lawlessness that is plaguing our city” by putting hundreds more officers on the street to engage in community policing. Ms. Parker’s website also lays out her 4-part plan for:



Cleaning and Greening Philadelphia

Creating Economic Opportunity

Congratulations to Ms. Parker and her campaign team. We look forward to her being the change we need and want for our beloved City.

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