“Free Money” from State Treasuries Is Real — The Catch is It’s Your Unclaimed Money

How I Received Some Christmas Cash When I Paid My EZ Pass



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We’ve all seen ads about how you can find free money, but there are legitimate government sites that will send you money. However, state treasuries aren’t making it rain cash and coins it’s returning money you forgot or someone left you. This is how paying tolls and ordering an EZ Pass resulted in me getting an old refund and some Christmas cash.

As many independent contractors and writers know, life can be feast or famine because many contracts have Net 30 payment policies — which pay you 30 days after you invoice and complete the work. Consequently, this Christmas was holly and jolly, but definitely on a budget.

On December 12, 2022, I called PA Turnpike to pay tolls and remembered I had an old credit I never received. A few years ago, I overpaid for a toll bill. They were supposed to send a refund check, but I never got it and forgot about it. I asked about the refund and they told me to contact the State Treasury after their accounting department confirmed that the refund checks weren’t cashed.

Imagine my surprise when I happened to look in my account and discovered this Christmas miracle.

I went to the PA Treasury Department and discovered that two different places owed me money. It wasn’t a lot — it was actually $97.97, but all I had to do is fill out a quick online form and on December 21, 2022, the money was in my account.

I’ve linked the official website where you can search for any unclaimed funds in your name. Please don’t get scammed by other websites — go directly to https://www.patreasury.gov/unclaimed-property/ or your state’s treasury website. The process is quick, free and the government doesn’t charge you a fee, but scammers do.

Good luck and if you happen to find any funds, please share your story.

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