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College Equity & Inclusion Wish List For ALL Students, Staff and Faculty #InvestInEquity

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In my open letter to colleges with billion dollar endowments:

I asked them to pledge a half percent to release students on financial hold or in collections. I’m sure there will be a little money left. Here’s how they can #InvestInEquity:

  1. Hire a 3rd party agency to manage faculty and staff discrimination complaints to eliminate conflicts of interests, and potential bias; make reports and findings public (omitting names) with monthly community oversight board with stakeholders, faculty, staff and students
  2. Implement a restorative justice model on campus for student conduct matters with a diverse staff and report findings to community oversight committee
  3. Fund a 24 hour campus crisis team with on call counselors for students on and off campus and rapid referral network
  4. Fund and commit to 1:250 ASCA recommended staff counselor-to-student ratios to provide adequate mental health services to students
  5. Fund case management teams for every class year specializing in culturally competent, trauma informed care that provides on campus and community based resources for food, housing social services, etc.
  6. Use the same student ratio for culturally competent and ADA assistants and coordinators with separate ADA coordinators for faculty and staff to ensure students and staff with disabilities are properly accommodated
  7. Dedicate funds for pre college, bridge and special programs for middle and high school students in surrounding communities and dedicate 10% resident legacy slots for 1st years and transfer students
  8. Dedicate one dorm or off campus housing for year round living space for aged out foster care students or housing insecure students
  9. Create a comprehensive plan to address the lack of diversity in student admissions and faculty that include credential alternatives hiring, mentoring and coaching opportunities, with mandatory diversity screenings and trainings for ALL faculty, staff and students
  10. Report sexual assaults and hate crimes to local police not just campus police and require diversity screenings, and training and mental health first aid

You can also #InvestInEquity by supporting non-traditional learners by donating to the Finish Line Fresh Start Fund

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