Jim’s West Is Winning with an Amazing Grand Opening, Great Reviews, and Court News

Jim’s West brings the best of the original flavor and some treats and twists to keep you safe while you wait

2 min readSep 24, 2023


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Jim’s West Original Cheesesteaks is winning with their amazing grand opening, great reviews, and a victory in a lawsuit filed against them by the previous owners. In my first article, I talked about the growing excitement around Jim’s West’s return and their pending court case. Well, our beloved Jim’s West returned with the original cooks and the community showed up and showed out with lines out the door and 2 blocks down. And according to reports and video footage, everyone has been patiently waiting and anticipating a taste of that scrumptious steak.

Early September, Jim’s West reopened bringing the best of the original and some sweet and controversial twists to their menu and service. Before their doors opened, the previous owners of Jim’s West (and current owners of Jim’s Steaks in Delco) filed an emergency injunction trying to stop the new owners from opening using the name Jim’s Steaks. The new owners won the court case and taste-buds of 100’s of cheesesteak lovers with their traditional cheesesteaks made by the expert hands of the original chefs but now — a new steak special is accompanied by creamy, dreamy banana pudding to balance the savory goodness with a sweet, southern treat. To keep patrons safe while they wait — for the new Jim’s steak, they’ve hired armed guards.

Ernest Owens, the Editor of Eater Philly called Jim’s West the “most controversial cheesesteak spot in Philly” and I think it’s apropos between the court-case, and high security — not to mention the cheesesteak purists and aficionados who are surely giving side eyes to the ‘Nana Puddin’ dessert pairing…

I say — if I can be safe while I wait for one of the best West Philly cheesesteaks and get a sweet country confection at the same time… “I won’t complain”, as the church song says.

As a West Philly transplant, I will openly disclose my bias. Wes’ Philly has some of thee best food in Philly and that’s high praise considering that Philly has some of the best restaurants in the US. I am happy to see Jim’s West win in the community and in the courtroom and look forward to tasting and seeing what everyone’s chatting and chewing about.


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