Philly Cheesesteak Competition — Black Chef Showdown 2023

Brisket, Seafood, and Vegan Steaks — Oh My

2 min readJul 9, 2023


Photo by Syed F Hashemi on Unsplash

Hey everybody I’ve been looking for a good cheesesteak for months and today I think I might find a few at the Black Chef Showdown. Today’s competition features 10 different chefs serving traditional, brisket, seafood, and even vegan steaks and I can’t wait! Here are the details:

Date: Sunday, July 9, 2023 Time: 12:00 to 6:00 PM
Where: 2300 Arena | 2300 S. Swanson St. Phila, PA (South Philly)
Cost: $25 — $60 + $5.00 for venue parking

Note: Food vouchers are used to sample a competitor’s dish.

According to the official website,

The Black Chef Showdown 2023, is a collaborative event created by Katika & Black and Mobile, two technology companies based in Philadelphia that connect people to Black businesses. Jason Coles, the founder of Katika and David Cabello, the Black and Mobile co-founder stated their purpose behind the event, “Our goal is to highlight the amazing culinary talent of Black chefs in the city and provide a platform for them to showcase their skills. We hope this event will help stimulate the local black restaurant economy and provide more exposure to these amazing chefs.”

Additionally, the event stands to provide a fun, energetic environment for the greater Philadelphia community to network and fellowship amongst one another, bringing positive energy to our city.

I was kind of on the fence if I wanted to go until I saw Patty Jackson sample 2 of the entries. One was a brisket cheese steak and the other was a cauliflower-based vegan cheese steak and she said both were delicious. So I immediately purchased two tickets for me, and my bestie and I will be attending this highly anticipated and hopefully deliciously fun event.

I used FueledonPhilly’s discount code — but if you go to the event’s Instagram post a few of the judges have posted other discount codes.

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