The Best Brownies in Philly and Online

Try The Frosted Fox, Second Daughter’s, and Dr.



Photo by Molly Keesling on Unsplash

I love brownies — all kinds of brownies including with or without nuts, with fudgy or cakey, traditional or gluten-free. I even love brownie cousins — like blondies, brownie barks, and brittles.

December 8th was National Brownie Day and some of my local news stations celebrated by highlighting and tasting some local and national bakeries to get your favorite sweet, fudgy, treat.

According to National Day Calendar — National Brownie Day was started by a forgetful hotel baker and the recipe is still being used at the hotel. (Newsbreak, 2023)

Here is a list of local and national bakeries:

The Frosted Fox

Second Daughter’s Bakery — voted 2021 Best Brownie in Philly.

I’d also like to try The Night Kitchen Bakery, Blondery, and I special shoutout to Qdoba which happens to make a slammin brownie.

Thank you for reading!

*Thank you Roz Warren, Writing Coach for your great recommendation.




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