I AM A WRITER: Revelation and Community Declaration

I name it and we claim it — Community



Update: October 2021 — Teressa continues to support writers of color through various workshops, events, and chats. However, her primary focus is healing from Long COVID and pursuing her passion for food and family.

This piece was inspired by all my readers and writers and editors of color who dare to write and dream regardless of age, color, country or circumstance. I know a lot of people use the popular saying, “Our diversity is our strength”, but it truly is!

It took me almost a year to say: “I’m a writer”, with confidence. When I was younger I could say it, but over the years I lost my swagger and the writer had some other words in front of it or subdued substitutes like:

Grant writer, development or public relations…educator, coach, etc…

For almost 20 years I could call myself anything and everything except a writer. Then, 3 things happened that changed my life:

  1. A formers student introduced me to the world of writing online and online publications
  2. Covid hit and I was laid off and quarantined
  3. I watched the documentary, Toni Morrison's The Pieces I Am

For almost a year, I wrote under various pen names trying to find my voice, style, and tone and a quickly realized I had a lot to say about:

Love, justice, and social justice

Workplace discrimination and self-care

Food and affordable housing

Aging and being a woman, being a Black woman, being a single woman

Ageism, elitism, classism — verbal, mental, and emotional abuse and trauma

Toni Morrison was 39 when she published her first novel, I will be 40+ because I must.

I am a writer. I know I’m not the best, but it’s a goal and you’re never too old to have and reach them.

This piece was inspired by all my readers and writers of color who dare to write and dream…




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