Where Is Ari Lennox?

An evolving story that sheds light on media bias



From Ari’s page -

On December 2, 2021, at 12:22 pm (EST), beautiful and talented singer, Ari Lennox posted this Tweet:

However, there weren’t any updates from her, her team or Amsterstam authorities since she posted about her alleged arrest on November 29, 2021 — which prompted fans to ask #WhereIsAriLennox?

So #WhereIsAriLennox?

Is she back in the states or still in jail in Amsterdam?

#WhereIsAriLennox and #FREEARILENNOX are barely trending.

As of December 4, 2021, she posted:

What’s going on? Why isn’t her team supporting her right to speak her truth? This whole ordeal has been strange — what happened and where is she?

Yet, in 2019 ASAP Rocky’s physical altercation and arrest in Sweden gained national and global coverage. There was a concerted effort to make sure he wasn’t mistreated and got a fair trial abroad. There were consistent status updates and he was quickly released and brought back safely to the United States.

I know that ASAP is a rapper, fashion icon, and arguably more popular than Ari, but she’s still an American artist who deserves the same level of attention as a male counterpart.

Ari’s location, physical and mental status are still unclear. Yet, like most missing Black and brown women in America — mainstream, national and international news outlets find this newsworthy.




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